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lundi 21 janvier 2013

6e description

1. Jeff is wearing sunglasses, and he is sitting on the window.
2. Bryan has got blonde hair, and he’s watching his students.
3. John is lying on the floor, and he looks like very happy.
4. Melisa has got blonde hair, and she is sleeping.
5. Kate has got long brown hair, and she’s drawing a circle with a yellow crayon.
6.  Manuel has got a big smile on his face, and he’s drawing a cloud with a blue crayon.
7. Robert is wobbling, and he’s making gestures.
8.  Julio is wearing white shoes, and he’s reading a fairy tale about three bears.
9. Albert is between Kate and Manuel, and he’s wearing a red T-shirt.
10. Ronald has got short brown hair, and he’s reading a green book.
11. Peter is holding a red cube on his left hand, and he is opposite Ronald.
12. Jorge is between Peter and Samantha, and he is raising his two hands.
13. Jimmy is next to Ronald, and he’s sitting on a yellow rug.
14. Samantha is pointing out the cubes, and she is wearing a pink blouse.
15. Junior has got short blonde hair, and he is between Ronald and Susana.
16. Susana is near the teacher, and the board is behind her.
17. Johanna is has got blonde hair, and his crayon and blouse are the same colour.

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